And frustrations of both patients and health care professionals. viagra 5 mg directions Despite growing awareness in the united states about lymphedema, calls to the national lymphedema network information and direct-dial lines increase dramatically every day calls from frustrated lymphedema patients and, more often, from concerned women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. These women are doing their homework prior to surgery, trying to learn as much as they can about lymphedema and other complications in order to make an educated decision about such issues as type of surgery (lumpectomy, modified radical mastectomy, simple mastectomy), or treatment options available to them before they have the surgery. viagra cheapest However, this article has been written for those of you who already have had surgery and treatment with or without reconstruction and/or radiation therapy, or subsequent lymphedema and those of you who will be undergoing surgery in the near future. cheap generic viagra It will prepare you by providing suggested guidelines to use before and during surgery, as well as during the immediate, post-operative period and weeks and months later, emphasizing the importance of the lymphatic system and avoiding lymphedema. cheap viagra online Over the last decade, millions of dollars have been raised for research in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in the united states, but minimal attention has been given to the often devastating side effect: lymphedema. results women using viagra A number of doctors continue to tell their patients that, until it has been scientifically proven, they will not support any guidelines regarding avoiding injections, intravenous administration, blood draws, or blood pressures in the affected limb. True, we can not predict why some patients develop lymphedema and others do not. viagra online And, until the funds have been raised and studies completed, we, as health care providers, owe it to our patients to provide them with all the information and support currently available. viagra and alcohol effects Etiology many studies on such topics as the extent of surgical dissection1,2,3,4 and radiation to the axilla show a high incidence of lymphedema1,4,5. buy cheap viagra In two separate studies, one indicated that age is a factor, while the other found it unrelated1,6. viagra for sale las vegas Several studies have described obesity or weight gain after treatment for breast cance. viagra online without prescription buy generic viagra online Welcome to the home of
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